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Engineered Hardwood Flooring (T&G)Engineered Flooring

Engineered wooden flooring is constructed by adhering two or more layers of wood or lamella (thin strip) in order to form a plank. It consists of a substrate of plywood and the top layer is a selected hardwood species. Engineered flooring is end matched in standard lengths, so it is faster to lay and is considered to be a more stable option. Once installed, engineered flooring looks and feels like solid hardwood flooring. 

The degree of expansion and contraction of engineered flooring is less than solid hardwood flooring especially over a heated sub-floor. It is durable, tough and thus can be installed in heavy foot traffic areas in commercial or domestic spaces. It can be sanded and re-coated from time to time giving a fresh surface when required. 

Engineered hardwood flooring is available in three species and they are: European White Oak (T&G Profile). Pilularis Blackbutt and Spotted Gum (Uniclic Profile), Australian Oak (T&G Profile).

Go to downloads page for installation manuals and guides.


Solid Hardwood Flooring (T&G)

Solid hardwood flooring is constructed by butting one plank of timber to another. Typically, it is milled from a single piece of kiln dried timber before machining. Solid hardwood flooring had thicker wear strip and is considered to be long lasting, durable and resilient. It is relatively easy to maintain and it can be sanded and coated numerous times over its life to give fresh surface finish.

At ITI Timspec, we supply a variety of solid T&G flooring species covering a wide range of grain, colour and sizes. For installation of T&G flooring, please refer to the manuals supplied by ATFA (Australasian Timber Floor Association) or download installation guides from our downloads page. 


See below for species.

Species Grade Sizes Available
(Not all sizes are kept in stock
Approx Price per m2
Overlay Narrow Med Wide
      80-85mm x 12mm 80-85mm x 19mm 108-133mm x 19mm 155-185mm x 19mm  
Kwila Merbau Kwila (Merbau) Select Yes Yes Yes X Low - Medium
Maple, USA Maple, USA FAS X X Yes X Medium - High
Oak USA White Oak, USA White FAS X Yes Yes Yes Medium - High
Oak USA White Oak, USA White Rustic X X Yes X Medium - High
Rosewood Rosewood Select X Yes Yes X Medium - High
Tasmanian Oak Australian Oak Select Yes Yes Yes X Medium
Blackwood AUS Blackwood AUS Select Heart Yes X Yes X High
White Ash USA White Ash USA Prime Yes X X Yes Medium - High
Black Walnut USA Black Walnut USA Super Prime Yes X Yes Yes High

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