Timber Landscaping

ITI Timspec Landscaping

One of the most important aspects in Landscaping is Durability. Heartwood has much lower starch content and hollow cells are filled with extractives that are sometimes toxic to fungi and insects giving it much higher durability than sapwood. Sapwood is much less durable than heartwood and often has marginally lower structural properties. We have listed all our Durable and Very Durable timbers in the table below, grouped by colour. The following table is referring to heartwood. Occasionally, some boards will have a small amount of sap on their edges and this will either need to be removed prior to use or it will eventually rot.


All timber species, if left un-coated in the outdoors then they will eventually turn to silvery-grey colour. This is a natural process, occurs when the outer layers of the timber cellulose get exposed to the weather.

Timber for Landscaping

Timber will split, check and warp, however, for some species, this may not be too noticeable. One way to reduce weathering and distorting of timber is to coat it with a protective product. For more details on coating go to our Coatings page. All exterior coatings will need maintenance on an annual basis (usually just a good clean), and they will require re-coating every 6 months to 5 years, depending on the coating and its exposure to the environment.


Sustainability is another important aspect in landscaping and it refers to responsibly managed and harvested timber. This means that when a tree is cut down then another tree should be planted in the same place as well as protecting the biodiversity of forest and socio-economic well-being of people.

Timspec is proud to be the first major timber importer, accredited by FSC® and PEFC® chain of custody. We always try to provide FSC® and PEFC® certified timber but, it can be difficult at times. If it is important for you to get certification of the timber, then inform to our sales team at the time of order. 

Read more about our Sustainability and Resource Certification.

Timbers Suitable for Exterior Use

Colour Timber Durability
Yellow Yellow Cedar Very Durable
Pink Saligna Durable above ground
Light brown Vitex Durable
Light brown Western Red Cedar Durable
Straw brown Pilularis (Black Butt) Durable
Grey to Reddish/dark brown Spotted Gum Durable
Red/Redish-brown, fading to Dark Brown Jarrah Durable
Red/Redish-brown, fading to Dark Brown Rosewood Very Durable
Red/Redish-brown / Dark Brown Kwila Durable