Vertical Shiplap

Vertical Shiplap weatherboard cladding produces a contemporary impression with sharp straight vertical grooves creating distinctive shadow lines. When combined with other timber weatherboard styles or  building materials such as brick, stone and masonry, the appearance and the texture can look stunning. Now with a cavity based solution, vertical shiplap weatherboard applications are endless, enabling design flexibility with a variety of profile thicknesses and widths available. The ITI Timpsec's profile chart displays species, dimensions and the profile numbers in order to help with the right choice to meet the design and performance requirements.

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Weatherboard Thickness

Accoya, Paint & Stain Profile -19mm thick

Radiata Pine, Paint Profile -19mm thick

Western Red Cedar, Paint & Stain Profile - 18.5 thick


* Note: Downloadable PDF's below are default drawings. However, with selected coating type and species, drawings may vary in regards to thickness and corners of the profile, to promote best performance of the timber. Contact us

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P51 : 140mm Wide, Bevelled Vertical Shiplap Weatherboard

P52 : 190mm, Wide Bevelled Vertical Shiplap Weatherboard

P53 : 140mm Wide, Bevelled Centre Grooved Vertical Shiplap Weatherboard

P54 : 190mm Wide, Bevelled Centre Grooved Vertical Shiplap Weatherboard

P55 : 140mm Wide, Square Vertical Shiplap Weatherboard

P56 : 190mm Wide, Square Vertical Shiplap Weatherboard

P57 : 190mm Wide Vertical Shiplap Profile

P58 : 140mm Wide, Square Centre Grooved Vertical Shiplap Weatherboard

P59 : 190mm Wide, Square Center Grooved Vertical Shiplap Weatherboard

P60 : 190mm Wide, Square Double Centre Grooved Vertical Shiplap Weatherboard

P920 : 240mm Wide, Vertical Shiplap Profile

P864 : 90mm Wide, Square Vertical Shiplap Weatherboard

P1741 : 90mm Wide, Square Vertical Shiplap Weatherboard

P1742 : 140mm Wide Square Vertical Shiplap weatherboards

P1743 : 190mm Wide, Square Vertical Shiplap Weatherboards

Three Combination Profiles: P862, P55, P56

P50 : 140mm Wide, Vertical Shiplap Profile

Three Combination Profiles: P1741, P1742, P1743

RSV1 : Combination Profiles (Weatherboard Pattern) (P864, P1739, P1740)

RSV2 : Combination Profiles (P864, P1739, P1740)

RSV3 : Combination Profiles (P1739, P1740, P1741, P864)

RSV4 : Combination Profiles (P1739, P864)

RSV5 : Combination Profiles (P864, P1742, P1743)

RSV6 : Combination Profiles (P864, P1740, P1741, P1742)

RSV7 : Combination Profiles (P864, P1739, P1740, P1743)

RSV8 : Combination Profiles (P1740, P1742, P1739, P1741, P864)

RSV9 : Combination Profiles (P1740, P1741)

RSV10 : Combination Profiles (P864, P1743)

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Vertical Shiplap Random Series Weatherboards

Vertical Shiplap random Series Weatherboards

Profile Drawings

Vertical Shiplap Profile Drawings

Aluminium Joinery Details


Aluminium Window Joinery - Head


Aluminium Window Joinery - Jamb


Aluminium Window Joinery - Sill

Internal Corner Details

VC - 300

Internal Corner - 19X19mm Moulding

VC - 301

Internal Corner - 40X40mm Moulding

VC - 302

Internal Corner - Butted

Inter-Storey (Horizontal) Joins

VC - 401

Inter-Storey Cavity Junction

Within-Board Joins

VC - 402

Within-Board (Scarf) Joint

External Corner Details

VC - 403

External Corner - Boxed

VC - 404

External Corner - P42 Corner Moulding

VC - 405

External Corner - Lapped and Notched

VC - 406

External Corner - P40 Corner Moulding

Bottom of Wall Details


Base of Wall - Concrete Slab-on-ground


Base of Wall - Timber Floor


Base Cladding Finish above Deck

Soffit Details

VC - 601

Roof/ Wall Top Plate - Flat Soffit

VC - 602

Roof/ Wall Top Plate - No Soffit

Parapet/Enclosed Balustrade Details


Parapet Capping Expansion Joint


Balustrade, Intersection with Wall

Meter Box Details


Meter Box - Head


Meter Box - Jamb


Meter Box - Sill

Pipe Penetration Details


Pipe penetration Detail