Saligna is a light to dark pink coloured euc Saligna is a light to dark coloured Eucalypt. It is heavy, fairly hard, with a course, even texture, reasonably easy to work byt difficult to dry. The drt timber finishes well, and takes all types stains and paints. The higher density species my be difficult to glue. The heartwood of the blue gums, E Saligna is dark pink to reddish brown with a paler sapwood.

Saligna is suitable for tongue and groove flooring, in sequence parquet, overlay, joinery stairs, doors, furniture, paneling, decking, outdoor furniture, and sliced veneer. 

 Species overview: Saligna is a light to dark pink coloured eucalypt. It is heavy, fairly hard, with a course, even texture, reasonably easy to work but difficult to dry.

Main uses: Flooring, decking, joinery and exterior furniture.

Working properties: Saligna is comparatively easy to work, nail and dress and takes a good polish.

Mechanical properties: It is not as strong as the best hardwoods of Australia but is very strong in proportion to its weight. Can have a high variation in weight and density.

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Botanical Name: Eucalyptus saligna
Other Names: Sydney Blue Gum, NZ Red Eucalypt
Origin: New Zealand
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Seasoning: Difficult to dry as it's prone to surface checking.
Working Qualities: Sydney blue gum is easy to work, dress and fix. It responds well to most finishes and takes a good polish, making it popular for decorative applications where moderate durability is required.
Uses: Salina is widely used for flooring, cladding, fencing, panelling and boat building. Other common applications include landscaping (as garden sleepers), furniture and joinery.
Price (1-10): 4


Stocked: Yes


Durability In Ground: Moderately Durable
Durability Above Ground: Durable


Density Air Dry: 840 kg/m3
Density Green: 1110 kg/m3


Shrinkage Radial: 4 %
Shrinkage Tangental: 7 %


Stability Kiln Dry: Stable
Stability Green: Very prone to shrinkage and distortion

Mechanical Properties

Janka Hardness: 18 kN
Modulus of Rupture: 122 MPa
Modulus of Elasticity: 15 GPa
Max Crush Strength: 66 MPa
Strength Group unseasoned: S3
Strength Group Seasoned: SD3


NZAS Heat Evolved: 6
NZAS Smoke Developed: 3
ASTM Smoke Developed: <750

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