Rusticated Weatherboard

Rusticated weatherboards are a popular option in New Zealand and have been performing well for almost a century with regard to appearance, functionality and weather-tightness. In recent times, they have undergone somewhat of a revolution which has resulted in a new more refined or contemporary look with sharper grooves and shadow lines in comparison to the traditional scalloped profiles. At ITI Timspec, we supply a variety of rusticated styles with varying widths and thicknesses to accommodate different design options, available in Accoya, Western Red Cedar and Radiata Pine. 

Weatherboard Thickness

Accoya, 19mm thick

Radiata Pine, 19mm thick

Western Red Cedar, 18.5 thick

* Note: Downloadable PDF's below are default drawings. However, with selected coating type and species, drawings may vary in regard to thickness and corners of the profile, to promote best performance of the timber. Please contact us to discuss further. Contact us


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P67 : 140mm Wide, Rusticated Weatherboard

P68 : 190mm Wide, Rusticated Weatherboard

P835 : 140mm Wide, Double Splay Rusticated Weatherboard

P836 : 190mm Wide, Double Splay Rusticated Weatherboard

P837 : 90mm Wide, Double Splay Rusticated Weatherboard

P1736 : 90mm Wide, Rusticated Weatherboard

P1737 : 140mm Wide, Rusticated Profile

P1738 : 190mm Wide, Rusticated Profile

P905 : 140mm Wide, Rusticated Profile

P906 : 180mm Wide, Rusticated Profile

P907 : 180mm Wide, Rusticated Profile

P747 : 190mm Wide, Rusticated Profile

P922 : 240mm Wide, Accoya Rusticated Profile

RSH1 : Combination Profiles (P835, P837)

RSH2 : Combination Profiles (P836, P836, P837)

RSH3 : Combination Profiles (P835, P836, P837)

RSH4 : Combination Profiles (P835, P836, P837)

RSH5 : Combination Profiles (P835, P837, P1736, P1737)

RSH6 : Combination Profiles (P835, P836, P1736, P1737, P1738)

RSH7 : Combination Profiles (P836, P1736)

RSH8 : Comination profiles (P835, P837, P1736, P1737)

RSH9 : Combination Profiles (P835, P837, P1737, P1738)

RSH10 : Combination Profiles (P837, P1738)

Download all DWG files
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Random Series Rusticated Profile

Rusticated Random Series Weatherboard Profiles

Fixing Details


Painted Weatherboards With Packer Cavity Battens
NOTE: DWG covers fixing details for all battens


Painted Weatherboards With Structural Cavity Battens

Aluminium Joinery Details


Aluminium Window Joinery - Head


Aluminium Window Joinery - Jamb


Aluminium Window Joinery - Sill

Internal 90° Corner Details

RC 300

Internal Corner - 19X19mm Moulding

RC 301

Internal Corner - P40 Corner Moulding

RC 302

Internal Corner, Butted

Inter-Storey (Horizontal) Joins


Inter-Storey Cavity Junctions

Within-Board Joins


Within-Board (Scarf) Joins

Bottom of Wall Details


Base, Concrete Slab on Ground


Base of Wall - Timber Floor


Base of Wall - Concrete Slab-on-ground

Soffit Details


Roof/ Wall Top Plate - Flat Soffit


Roof/ Wall Top Plate - No Soffit

Parapet/Enclosed Balustrade Details


Parapet Capping Expansion Joint


Balustrade, Intersection with Wall

Meter Box Details


Meter Box - Head


Meter Box - Jamb


Meter Box - Sill

Pipe Penetration Details


Pipe Penetration Detail