American White Ash


American ash is similar in appearance to European ash. The sapwood is light coloured to nearly white and the heartwood varies from greyish brown to light brown, to pale yellow streaked with brown. The wood is generally straight grained with a coarse uniform texture. The degree and availability of light coloured sapwood, and other properties, will vary according to the growing regions. for example, southern ash lumber will be faster grown and contain more sapwood and therefore, a higher percentage of white colour, but compared to Northern ash, it has a more open texture and grain. 

American ash can comprise a number of commercial sub species and is available in a wide range of grades and specification as lumber and veneer.   

Durability: Non-resistant to hardwood decay. The heartwood is moderately resistant to preservative treatment.

Main Uses: Furniture, flooring, doors, architectural interiors, high class joinery and moulding, kitchen cabinets, panelling, tool handles, sports goods and turning. A versatile, good looking wood, offreing great value for a wide range of joinery and furniture applications.

Working Properties: Ash machines well, is good in nailing, screwingand gluin, and can be stained and polished to a very good finish. It dries fairly easilywith minimal degrade, and good stability means there is little movement in performance. 

Other info: Light brown flecks or mineral streaks, sometimes referred to as a glassworm, are common and are treated as a natural charecteristic and not considered as defects. 

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Botanical Name: Faxinus americana
Other Names: White Ash, American Ash
Origin: North America
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Seasoning: Dries well with little degrade.
Working Qualities: Bending properties vary, but are normally very good. The wood is elastic, tough and strong relative to its weight, has good stiffness and hardness, very good shock resistance. Machines reasonably well. Good polishing and staining qualities.
Uses: High-class joinery, boat interiors, musical instruments and striking tool handles.
Price (1-10): 2


Availability: Available ex-stock in Random Widths in 25, 40, and 50mm thicknesses.
Stocked: Yes
Grade Description: FAS: A North American grade for a board to provide 83.3% (10/12ths) clear cuttings of either 3" x 7' or 4" x 5'. This means that defects such as knots, splits, and wane are permitted, but in small quantities. Suitable for furniture and joinery.
NHLA Grading Book (166 Pages)
AHEC Illustrated Grading Instruction Booklet


Primary Suppliers: Cole Hardwoods, Baillie Lumber


Durability In Ground: Perishable/Non Durable
Durability Above Ground: Perishable/Non Durable
Dimension Stability (1-10): 6
Cross Cutting (1-10): 7
Shaping & Sanding (1-10): 7
Gluing (1-10): 9
Planing & Moulding (1-10): 10


Density Air Dry: 670 kg/m3


Shrinkage Radial: 3 %
Shrinkage Tangental: 4.5 %


Stability Kiln Dry: Reasonably stable

Mechanical Properties

Janka Hardness: 5.871 kN
Modulus of Rupture: 103.425 MPa
Modulus of Elasticity: 11.997 GPa
Strength Group unseasoned: S4
Strength Group Seasoned: SD3
Comp Strength Parallel to Grain: 51.092 MPa

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